Digital Ad Intelligence

The largest, most comprehensive Ad monitoring solution to benchmark competitor marketing activities in Display, Video, Social, Mobile Apps and eCommerce websites

Real Ad Measurement

AdClarity is a competitive and business intelligence ad measurement solution which collects and aggregates hundreds of millions of real time ad occurrences viewed and interacted by our global human & virtual panels daily

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Display Advertising

Animated, static and rich media banner ads from publisher websites

Social Advertising

Display, Video, and In-stream social ads

In-App Advertising

In-App advertising in Android and iOS devices


Video Advertising

Pre, mid and post-roll video ads including Video streaming services

Programmatic vs Direct

Insights into brands programmatic buying and premium ad placements


Campaign Landing Page

Landing page per each ad collected,
including campaign name and keywords

Ad Platforms

Ad platforms, agencies and exchanges participating in each ad Impression

Advertising Expenditure

Estimates of brands’ Impressions, Spend, and Share of Voice

Largest Ad Inventory in the World

Driven by tens of millions of page views every day, AdClarity brings the largest and most comprehensive ad intelligence coverage in the world, tracking over 1 million brands daily

Global Markets


Ad Creatives

Publishers Monitored

Human Panelists

Ad Platforms

Programmatic Events

Ad Impressions

Mobile is the Future of Everything

People are doing everything with their mobile devices. That’s why we’ve built the most powerful mobile ad collection infrastructure in the world boasted by our growing 10 million opt-in human panel to capture advertising on millions of mobile websites and apps, including video, social and streaming services


AdClarity Pro

Get access to AdClarity platform and start exploring your competitors advertising activities globally. Get deep insights into their online marketing strategies and track their online advertising expenditure

AdClarity API

AdClarity offers customized data solutions including direct data feeds, data exports, API, and custom dashboards. Data can be provided at any level of granularity and cadence

Trusted by Thousands of Marketing Professionals

“AdClarity is a great tool that enables us to explore the wide eco-system of online advertising. The tool is very friendly and gives us quick and clear visibility into existing and new opportunities”

Alex Selly

Head of Marketing, Adidas AG Europe

“AdClarity is a great tool for anyone active in the advertising space. It provides my company easy access to relevant campaigns, landing pages and other promotional data all contained on one platform with very knowledgeable support staff at hand. It has helped our company grow and has given us a leg up on our competitors”

Jennifer Bartton

Marketing Manager, Wix

“AdClarity gave us such incredible results! It really made display a feasible investment and revolutionized the way we do digital advertising”

Ying Su

Business Development Manager, Boku

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